Mowing the Lawn While Pregnant (Can it Induce Labor)

Will mowing the lawn induce labor_The last few weeks of the pregnancy can be a slog for many. Those in the last few weeks tend to increasingly sway towards a ‘get it out’ attitude. After all, is it any surprise? Everyone just wants to meet the little one by this stage.

We live in crazy modern times with fads surrounding us and pregnancy labor is no exception. There are numerous techniques being adopted by pregnant women to induce labor which often go from superstitious to downright silly.

Lawn mowing is no exception from this scene, landing itself a huge following by many who swear by it.

So, let’s find out how effective lawn mowing actually is in inducing labor, and if so, why?

Will mowing the lawn induce labor?

Medically there is no proven evidence to suggest that anything apart from the natural process and time, asides from medical intervention, will induce labor effectively. However, regardless, many women feel through either superstition or just some hope that various different methods and random acts may induce their labor! Believe it or not, a famous and popular fad surrounding inducing labor is using lawn mowing to bring on the birth.

This technique can take two forms. Firstly, you could be taking the ‘bumping’ route using a ride-on mower. This is said to ‘bump’ the baby into a better pregnancy position and help with bringing the child into the world. Or alternatively, you could be using the old fashioned push mower. The mild pushing and walking, alongside the fresh air and bending over of the job are said to help induce labour. Whatever mowing method you choose, despite not being scientifically proven, poses no real risk towards your unborn as long as you don’t go overboard with it and push yourself in exertion, many women swear by their effectiveness.

If you are keen on trying some methods to help induce labor, which is more than understandable, then why not try mowing your lawn? Not only does the effects from both ride-on mowers and push mowers follow tales of successfully starting labor, but it also sorts out a nice little tidy yard for you to come back to once the family is back from the hospital with the little one.

We aim to crack this old wives tale. In this article we will look at what lawn mowing does for inducing labor? How safe is this practice? at How many weeks is mowing okay? And have a look at some effects of fertilizer or vibrations during pregnancy.

mowing lawn while pregnant

Mowing the lawn while pregnant

There’s a million and one theories of activities, food and techniques pregnant women can use to help induce their labor. Lawn mowing has strangely been on the rise in this list and has become a household tale over the years. Whilst, there nothing to actually back this up through evidence, mums across the US swear by it.

Can a pregnant woman cut grass with a push mower?

Absolutely yes! Whilst it’s important to remember to take care, consume loads of fluids and take it slowly, push mowers are more than fine to use when pregnant. Providing a good source or exercise through both the pushing aspect and the walking, whilst also getting your lawn in shape proves to be quite good for pregnant women. It is important to take into consideration your condition and to monitor that before, during and after you mow your lawn.

But provided you take it easy (don’t want to exert yourself too much or pull any muscles), make sure you stay cool and hydrated then you should be fine with mowing the lawn. Over-exertion, overheating and dehydration are all quite problematic during pregnancy and women undergoing the process tend to be more susceptible to these issues so it is important to stay in touch with how you feel and constantly monitor this to make sure that your afternoon mowing doesn’t turn sour – take it easy, there’s no rush!

Can a pregnant woman cut grass with a ride-on mower?

Again, absolutely yes! Infact, it is probably more desirable during the pregnancy that you choose a ride-on mower to cut the grass. Less manual work and quicker, you should be able to scoot about your lawn on a ride-on mower with ease. It’s important to bear in mind your condition of course,and to work accordingly.

When is it ok to cut the grass when pregnant?

Generally, it is okay to cut the grass from conception straight up to labor. But if it is a complicated pregnancy, you lack the confidence to do so, or else you don’t feel up to it, then it’s advisable to not commit to any mowing. It could have potentially harmful outcomes if you do not take it easy or follow precautions. Instead, get the partner to get that lawn all neat and tidy! They aren’t the ones carrying a baby for 9 months after all!

Is mowing the lawn safe when pregnant?

Mowing the lawn when pregnant is generally safe. There’s a couple of precautions you should certainly look out for. And if you feel at all weary, then consult your doctor or midwife for some extra information. For instance, if you are using a petrol-powered mower, you may be inhaling a lot of fumes which could prove problematic (perhaps it’s time to invest in an electric mower). Additionally, if the grass has been growing a while, you may encounter ticks that notoriously carry Lyme Disease. To resolve this, wear a pair of trousers and be vigilant following your mow to any ticks.

In terms of physically, it is perfectly safe, given how you personally feel, to mow your lawn. There is no evidence to suggest that it is a problem medically. Infact, the mild exercise it provides (particularly push mowers) is advisable during pregnancy as it gets the muscles moving and used whilst also making positive waves in mental health. It is important, above all, to know how you yourself are feeling. Over exerting yourself, overheating, heavy-lifting, dehydration, allergies or light-headedness are big no-no’s during pregnancy and should be avoided at all costs. This will mean that mowing the lawn can sometimes be unsuitable for individuals.

Comparison between weeks

Obviously, different times during your pregnancy call for different behavior in order to function optimally. As you get bigger, you become increasingly more restricted due to physical boundaries that become present. Regarding that lawn, let’s have a look at if there’s differences in mowing as you move along in your pregnancy towards your due date.

10 Weeks pregnant

Depending on whether you have the news of your new pregnancy or remaining none the wiser to the baby growing inside of you, you may have differing lifestyles in play. It is known for some to get very protective during their pregnancy, others continue on just as normal, and at this very stage some may not even suspect they are pregnant. This obviously raises issues as to what is acceptable activities. But regardless of your own outlook, generally, it is more than safe to mow the lawn. Follow careful precautions to make sure you do not cause any damage to yourself or the fetus and you can be sure that lawn mowing at this early stage is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps investing in an electric mower would be a good choice at this stage to avoid any unwanted inhalation of fumes a petrol mower would produce.

20 Weeks pregnant

At 20 weeks you are about halfway through your pregnancy and may be starting to develop quite the bump. Whilst facing differences in other areas of your pregnancy, mowing the lawn remains the same. If you are feeling up to it and want to mow according to how you feel and following certain guidelines you should be absolutely sweet to mow away easily enough.

30 Weeks pregnant

By this stage in your pregnancy you will have developed quite the bump and will be facing the height of pregnancy woes. This means you might be tender, sore and fragile. But, nonetheless, as long as you don’t push yourself too far, particularly regarding heavy-lifting and maneuvering of push mowers, or the inevitable sore back from both carrying and also pushing the mower about, then it should be absolutely no problem mowing your lawn. Your best bet at this stage will be ride-on mowers which will provide you with a much more peaceful and easy time.

34 Weeks Pregnant 

You are now fast approaching the due date, with only 6 weeks till the baby is hopefully going to make its way into the world. At this stage the same rules apply, but perhaps enhanced feelings of nausea and fragility will kick in. If you don’t feel up to it then by all means stop or, don’t start. It is not the end of the world if the grass doesn’t get cut and is certainly less important than the safe arrival of the little one. By and large, you can safely mow the lawn without too much concern for you or the babies well-being at this stage. You want to be exerting yourself for roughly 30 minutes, taking breaks, which should be enough to sort out that lawn (depending on size). Any more than 30 mins you might want to split into a couple of days work or use a ride-on mower

36 and 37 weeks pregnant 

The same rules apply. But remember the further along you are, the more intense the pregnancy is and indeed the harder the physical nature of push mowers becomes. It is still perfectly safe to do so if you maintain precautions. Importantly, hydration, overheating and overexertion are definitely things that need to be monitored here as well as taking regular breaks.

38, 39 and 40 weeks pregnant

At any point during the pregnancy you want to keep your body at a nice temperature, with your heartbeat and hydration in-check. During the mowing at these latter stages, you may tire or work harder than you usually would with the extra human inside you. It is advisable to monitor your heart rate at these times making sure it does not exceed 140 for periods of time. This means lots of breaks and taking it easy while mowing the lawn.

Following exactly the same precautions as you have throughout. Despite a certain number of precautions, you should take in order to make it easy and less strenuous, lawn mowing can still keep going. If you do start to feel any different it is highly recommendable to stop the grass cutting. Ride-ons at this stage may bring about ‘bumps’ which are thought to help shift the baby into nicer positions for birth. Additionally, not only can you have the ability to continue to mow away, if you do you can return from the hospital with a new baby and a lovely kept lawn! At this stage make sure you are not in the middle of an acre of lawn mowing away, just in case you need to move to the hospital quickly when\if the waters break.

Remember to monitor how you feel -At this stage it’s best to err on the side of the caution. If your grass is long and you are not up to it- Let it be, It’s not really Important!

Riding lawn mower to induce labor

It has long been told that riding ‘bumps’ during pregnancy is a good way of inciting the baby to arrive. This has been done in a number of ways including the use of cars on bumpy roads or exercise balls up and down. But ride-on mowers are another alternative to the bumpy labor route. It is thought the ‘bumping’ creates rhythmic pressure on the baby’s head which ultimately stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone regulates contractions and stimulates the cervix into labor.

Walking also does the exact same thing, however. Despite the lack of empirical scientific evidence, many women swear by the ‘bumpy’ tactic of inducing labor so much so it has become a technique used by many.  If you do have any concerns or doubts it’s important to consult your midwife or doctor before doing anything like this. It is important you don’t try to induce labor until you have reached 40-41 weeks. Doing so beforehand could have Very negative effects.  Remember the heat is a factor you want to avoid, along with over strenuous areas where you might need to steer a lot.

Can I fertilize my lawn whilst I’m pregnant?

If you are using fertilizer at all during your pregnancy, make sure that it has all 100% herbal/natural ingredients. You should really be wary of using any kind of chemicals in your first 13 weeks as this is when fetal organ development is happening – the most susceptible time to chemical substances. If you want to use fertilizer precautions such as gloves, masks and eye protection should be considered as they will protect the body and fetus from any potentially bad effects which could cause abnormalities.

Are vibrations bad for pregnancy?

Vibrations on the whole are thought to be a risk during pregnancy. Low frequency vibrations such as passengers in car or lawn mowers are known to be fine. However, it becomes slightly hazy when looking at whole-body vibrations. Despite no real conclusive evidence to suggest that whole body vibrations are bad for the body, there is some evidence to suggest that exposing the body to whole-body vibrations for lengthy time periods can cause issues and defects during pregnancy. This type of whole-body vibration would be the likes you get from a theme park ride or something similar. Using your mower does not project full-body vibrations and as such will not affect your bump!

Remember to take it easy, It could have potentially harmful outcomes if you do not take it easy or follow precautions!

If your grass is long , you are not up to it & Can’t get someone else to do it-  Let it be, It’s not really that Important!