Can I Use a Regular Dremel for Nails (Human & Dog Nails)

can you use regular dremel for nailsDremels are extremely useful for any cutting, drilling or shaping tasks you may come across.

However, could a Regular Dremel, often used for DIY ,be used for human or dog nails?

Not only we will see what dremel attachments you can use to cut your Nails whatever they are Toenails ,Acrylic Nails or nails with fungus,

We will also see If you can use regular Dremel to cut your Dog’s nails.

Can I use a Regular Dremel for Human Nails

You most definitely can use Regular Dremel for Human Nails. Try finding a Dremel with a multispeed setting to give you more control, as you don’t want to file off more from your nails than you may want! A Dremel with a flexible shaft will give you greater control over the cut you can achieve for your nails, but this is optional. The most important thing to note is to use the appropriate dremel attachment if you want the professional touch to your nails.

You may find manicurists and pedicurists have some sort of automatic tool to file your nail down, this essentially is a Dremel. If you would like an automated method of shaping your nail to the desired shape and you already have a dremel this article will explain how to do it ,which attachments to use & Things you should be aware of

If you do not have a Dremel already, Than actually a Much cheaper and better option is to Get a Nail drill such as this which is specially designed for nails & usually already comes with attachments.

This is a Fairly Good set that I can recommend + it will cost several times less than an actual dremel!


If you would like to continue with your Dremel you already might have, There are the general 2 stages to a manicure, shape and buffer, the Dremel can do both with the right attachment.

To shape, you can use a regular sandpaper disk like this . This will act in the same way as a normal file but much more quickly and most likely with better results.  The key thing to look out for is the grit number of what the sandpaper is; where the higher the number the less coarse it is.

Numbers 120, 180, 240 are good for natural nails. The 180 grit is a good medium that can be used to shape and finish. Grit number 100 can also be useful for natural nails too if your nails are on the slightly harder. If you want a more smoother finish, a 240 grit number should be used.

For buffering, use a felt material attachment like this, you can simply apply the buffer paste to the felt and then run the Dremel over your nails. Be careful to not completely coat it, you will more than likely splash/splatter the excess paste! This method can be similarly used if you want to remove any nail polish quickly and easily.

When using this tool, of course be wary that you are using friction when shaping and buffering so this will cause heat.

regular dremel on nails

Dremel for Toenails & Calluses

Dremels can be used not only for regular nails but also for thick toenails, There is also no reason why the same tool cannot be used for calluses, but again choosing the correct grit number is important.  As toenails are often harder, a lower grit number should be used to file it down quickly and effectively. Then to finish, a higher number is to be used similarly to what can be used for hand nails. Similarly with calluses, depending on the severity of the callus, the grit number needs to be chosen appropriately without causing any harm to yourself when using it.

Can I use Dremel to grind down nails with Fungus?

If you have a fungal nail infection, do not use the tool to pedicure or manicure as this may cause more harm than good and is best if you wait for your nail to heal properly before using a Dremel. But if you want to just remove some fungus, then yes, this can be used to remove some nail with ease, but it is best if you have a Dremel that has multiple speed settings and using the sander attachment with a higher grit number to avoid splitting the nail due to the increased brittleness of the nail from the infection.

Best Dremel tool (attachment) for Toe Nails

The best tool used to file a toe nail again will be the sandpaper disk attachment like this.

As toe nails are typically harder, a smaller grit number will be most appropriate during the shaping stage; grit numbers 60, 80 or 100 should be used. If your toe nails are on the softer side, then use a higher grit number as you would use for hand nails. The same buffering felt material can be used for your toe nails too.

Can I use a regular dremel for acrylic nails?

Despite a completely different material that is being cut down a Dremel can be used again for your Acrylic nails. 60, 80, 100 grit pads are typically used by professionals manicurist to shape acrylics as acrylic is often harder. Because of the low grit number it will remove the material quickly and efficiently with each stroke. Again if it is your first time in using a Dremel, a higher grit number will still trim down the acrylic but will be slower making it a good practice run as you get the hang of it.

For the artistic users, you may want to make your own patterns, you can use an engraving tool attachment to create your desired patterns on the acrylics with ease.

What Dremel tool do nail salons use?

Nail salons will often have the same attachments as you could find when using it for DIY, a sander and felt buffer. There are vast variety of attachments one could purchase online which is used ‘specifically’ for nails and these are often smaller in size. The only difference may be that their Dremel has speed control depending on the model you may purchase. But the principle of the Dremel tools are essentially the same as the normal attachments you would find in a normal Dremel.

If you do not have a Dremel already, I would highly suggest to get an Actual Nail Files such as these – Much cheaper & Specially designed for the job!


Can I use a regular Dremel for Dog nails?

Similarly to human nails, you can of course use regular dremel for your dog’s nails if you want a quick and easy way to file down their nails. A Dremel with a flexible shaft and speed control would be recommended if you are a first time user of the tool to give the control you will need. The same attachments (regular sand disk and felt buffer) can be used and again depends on how hard your dog nails are in order to find the appropriate grit number. Use a higher grit number (around 100) initially as a test to see how quickly the nails get filed down as dog nails are generally harder. Should you find it being too slow you can always use a smaller grit number.

With anything being filed down by friction, heat is generated so make sure you use the tool with regular rests between cuts to prevent heating the dogs nails too much. Again the same buffering felt material attachment can be used in a similar fashion as you would on human nails. Additionally for long haired dogs, it is best if any fur is cut off around the nail to prevent the Dremel bit being caught in the fur. An additional guard can also be purchased as an option to avoid your dogs curiosity causing an accident if it gets too close when you do the grinding. However if you are not able to cut your own dog nails down to a length that you know is safe or have the confidence to do so, leave this to the professionals as you may cause more harm than good.

What Dremel attachment bit to use for dog nails

The same sanding and felt attachment which you use for human nails can be used or dog nails. As mentioned it is essential that you have the appropriate grit number as you don’t want to remove too much nail from your dog to avoid injuring it.

How often can you Dremel dog nails?

Generally Dremel can be used to cut your Dog’s nails as and when your dogs nails are long enough. This can be between every 3-4 weeks depending on your dog and how quickly their nails grow.

Pet Dremel vs Regular Dremel – Is there a difference?

A traditional Dremel is often louder than a pet Dremel.  If your pet is often scared by loud noises then it is best to get a pet Dremel as this would be less noisy. However, if your dog doesn’t like noises it is best to go back to the traditional clippers.

The Dremel is the same tool, however the attachment tool will be designed more suited for a dog (attachments will be smaller). The attachments supplied will be ideally suited along with any other additions such as guards and guides to dogs without you having to find them individually. A pet Dremel would be cheaper and would be the ideal tool if you only need it to trim your dog’s nails however, you won’t have the benefit to use any other attachments other than the supplied tools and you may not be able to use the usual attachment DIY tools with the Pet Dremel as it may not fit onto the shaft or it won’t give the performance required.